• ​feel like you should have achieved more at this stage in your life?
  • ​​​feel like you've achieved what you wanted but still feel there is something missing?
  • ​wish your relationship with your partner was less toxic or stressful?
  • ​wish you wouldn't get angry so easily?
  • feel that you were meant for something more in life?
  • wish that you were more decisive in taking action and not let fear stop you?
  • ​feel like there is so much more to you that the world hasn't seen?
Hi!! So glad you've found your way here to find out more about my challenge!

If what I've described above is you even in the smallest way, you're in the right place!  

In the words of Wayne Dyer:

" When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.."

My name is Victor and I'd like to invite you to join me on a little journey inward. We're all on our own journey and my hope is that sharing my journey and learnings with you will accelerate you on your journey to live the life that you want and deserve.

1 minute version of my story:
My world was turned upside down about 4 years ago when my marriage ended. Literally overnight, I was alone with the sole responsibility of looking after my 3 children aged between 3 and 7. 

I was clinically obese, emotionally exhausted and suffocating spiritually. I had lost my identity and didn't even know it!

I was lost. I was alone (I hid the truth from my family for 6 months). I was not the father my children deserved. I was not my best self - so far from it. 

You see, I was trapped! Trapped in the prison of my thoughts, my self-limiting beliefs which prevented me from seeing other possibilities for my life.

Four years on,  I have:
- transformed physically (lost 20kg and adopted a totally different lifestyle)
- redefined and rebuilt who I am 
- surrounded myself with people who inspire me and push me to become my best self
-  found a deep passion to help others with what I've learnt on my journey.
Little did I know that what I thought was the worst thing that could happen to me would turn out to the BEST thing to ever happen to me. 

That started me on my journey of transformation where I discovered how we unconsciously lie to ourselves (by design) and hold us back from doing what we really want.

I started doing things I'd never done before, learning things I never knew before and ultimately became a different person. And I'm just getting started!

I became obsessed with human behaviour and dedicated the last 4 years of my life committed to learning about the human mind from everything and everyone I could. Studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hiring a Property Coach, a Life Coach and joining various Mastermind groups to continue growing.


It's very simple. Through my journey, I found MY INNER HERO and I want to share how I did it with any people as I can. 

Our time here is finite and I believe life has shaped me, prepared me for this. I now live my truth and HELP PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU to TRANSFORM their lives and discover the power within themselves to change their lives and impact others.

I started that journey looking for direction and am forever grateful that I ended up finding my PURPOSE and GROWTH.
My purpose is to help as many people as I can to overcome their self-limiting beliefs and live life powerfully.


  • ​Change your relationship with fear and make it your friend
  • ​Create deeper and more meaningful relationships
  • ​Identify limiting beliefs you never knew were there and reboot your identity
  • ​You will learn how to live your life with intention and agency
  • ​You will rediscover your authentic self buried under years of negative conditioning
  • ​​You will create a shift in your mindset setting the foundation for the life you've always wanted
  • ​You WILL Discover your INNER HERO
When you sign up below, you will get access to my 5-Day Challenge with a like-minded community who will support and inspire you on your journey. 
Day 1: Awareness! I show you the rocky foundations we inherited
I show you the different models of existence that we've inherited and how they have shaped how we define ourselves. 
Day 2: How have our models of the world shaped us? 
Reflection day! We look at how our models of the world have created our existence and how we never stood a chance.
Day 3: The Power that comes with Awareness!
Decision time! This is where the you start creating your future!
Day 4: Creating the foundations of your new future
Learn how to create the foundations you need for your new future!
Day 5: Your new truths!
The new powerful truths of your Inner Hero!

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